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Advocacy & Research
February 2016
In response to Pennsylvania Insurance Department proposal to enact balance billing legislation, SNAP writes to the state’s insurance commissioner to outline its concerns about the proposed bill and to offer its own ideas on how best to address this health policy challenge.
June 2015
SNAP urges the state to improve HealthChoices by encouraging collaboration between participating managed care organizations, hospitals, and other providers and by financing such innovation with the help of a Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP) program.
June 2015
SNAP urges the state’s General Assembly to restore $148 million in Medicaid spending cuts in the administration’s proposed FY 2016 budget.
February 2015
In the fourth and final paper for leaders of the new Wolf administration and legislative and committee leaders and staff, SNAP describes the imperative for Medical Assistance and health care reform in Pennsylvania and outlines a potential path to that reform.
January 2015
With new state leaders contemplating a major change in how Pennsylvania expands its Medicaid program, SNAP offers eight principles it believes those officials should follow if they choose to take Medicaid expansion in a different direction.