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Physician Reluctance Threatens Medicaid Expansion in PA

If Pennsylvania moves ahead and expands Medicaid eligibility as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act, the ability of newly enrolled recipients to obtain medical care may be jeopardized by the reluctance of some physicians to take on more Medicaid patients. According to a recent article in the journal Health Affairs, 68 percent of the state’s doctors are currently accepting new Medicaid patients.  Those who are not cite low reimbursement rates and already-high patient loads among the reasons they are not accepting new Medicaid patients. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has not revealed whether he intends to expand Medicaid eligibility in the state and is not expected to do so until after the November election.  The mandatory Medicaid expansion, part of the … Read More

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Changes in Fee-for-Service Fee Schedule

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has released changes in the state’s Medical Assistance fee-for-service fee schedule. The changes, which took effect September 1, can be found in this Medical Assistance Bulletin notice.  

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