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PA Inching Closer to Medicaid Expansion

Pennsylvania state officials are working on a proposal to expand Medicaid eligibility in the state as provided for in the Affordable Care Act. But newly eligible Pennsylvanians would not participate in the state’s current Medicaid program. Speaking to a rotary club in York, Department of Public Welfare Secretary Bev Mackereth told her audience that because the state lacks confidence in the willingness of the federal government to continue funding care for new Medicaid enrollees, the state is developing a plan to present different Medicaid options to newly eligible people. State officials continue to negotiate the terms of such a program with the federal government and anticipate submitting their proposal to the federal government in the near future.  If approved, they … Read More

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PA Gets Navigation Money

Pennsylvania has received $2.7 million in Affordable Care Act money to help individuals and families navigate the health insurance exchange that the federal government will operate for the state beginning on January 1, 2014. The money will be divided among five groups that will help individuals figure out how to take advantage of the new health insurance exchange and obtain any insurance premium subsidies for which they may be eligible. The five groups receiving the federal money are Resources for Human Development, the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers, Mental Health America, the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association, and the Cardon Healthcare Network. Learn more about the federal money, why it is being spent, and how it will be used … Read More

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Insurance Subsidies Will Be Common

Nearly half of all individuals and families expected to turn to health insurance exchanges for insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act will be entitled to federal subsidies to help pay their premiums. Those subsidies will average more than $5500 per family and cover two-thirds of a premium’s overall cost. These subsidies will be critical for Pennsylvania’s safety-net hospitals, which currently find themselves providing significant amounts of uncompensated care to low-income but working individuals and families that cannot afford health insurance today. These were among the findings of a recent Kaiser Family Foundation analysis.  Read more about the analysis and the future that awaits individuals and families in the new individual health insurance market in this CQ HealthBeat article presented … Read More

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PA Posts FY 2013 Medicaid DSH Eligibility

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has published a notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin listing all hospitals eligible for Medicaid disproportionate share adjustments (Medicaid DSH) during the state’s 2013 fiscal year.  See the Pennsylvania Bulletin notice here.

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New Pennsylvania Health Law Project Newsletter

The Pennsylvania Health Law Project has released its latest newsletter. Features include articles about the state budget and the possible expansion of Medicaid eligibility in Pennsylvania; upcoming changes facing CHIP and PA Fair Care participants; an upcoming study on serving dual eligibles in the state; a new state Medicaid waiver application; and more. Find the latest Pennsylvania Health Law Project newsletter here.  

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State Issues Medicaid Budget Summary

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Medical Assistance Programs has released a summary and overview of its recently passed FY 2014 Medicaid budget. Find the overview document here.

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MAAC Meets

The Medical Assistance Advisory Committee that works with the Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare met recently in Harrisburg. Among the subjects discussed during the meeting were the state’s recently passed budget, the Medical Assistance program, the prospects for Medicaid expansion, and more. Read the official state file note summarizing the meeting here.

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Tackling Medicaid “Super-Users”

All Pennsylvania safety-net hospitals have them:  a relatively small number of Medicaid patients who are constantly in need of care. Five percent of all Medicaid beneficiaries account for more than half of all Medicaid expenditures.  The challenges such patients pose are legitimate:  many have multiple chronic conditions. How best to serve these patients?  The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services has been looking into this problem and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have been underwriting demonstration programs designed to find better ways to care for these patients. Read more about the problem and these models, and find a direct link to a Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services advisory bulletin on the … Read More

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