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CMS Adopts Methodology for Medicaid DSH Cuts

Medicaid DSH money will be allocated among states based on a new methodology under a regulation adopted this week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. But it is not clear when that new methodology may actually be used. Cuts in Medicaid disproportionate share hospital (Medicaid DSH) allotments to states were mandated by the Affordable Care Act based on the expectation that the law would greatly reduced the number of uninsured Americans.  While this has been the case, the decline in the number of uninsured has not been as great as expected.  For this reason, Congress has on several occasions delayed the required Medicaid DSH cut. That cut is now scheduled to take effect next week, on October 1, … Read More

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SNAP Takes Position on State Medicaid Funding After Hahnemann Closure

Pennsylvania’s Medicaid resources should follow now-closed Hahnemann University Hospital’s Medicaid patients as those patients turn to new providers, the Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania declared in a position statement issued this week. According to SNAP, …the best way to protect access to care and prevent additional financial strain on Philadelphia hospitals is to ensure that all state resources reallocated in the wake of Hahnemann University Hospital’s closure follow the displaced patients. In preparation for addressing this challenge, SNAP performed a data-based analysis of where Medicaid patients turned for care upon the closing of St. Joseph’s Hospital, like Hahnemann a high-volume Medicaid provider and located in the same community as Hahnemann, in 2016.  This analysis identified where patients went when St. Joseph’s … Read More

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PA Senate to Take Up Medicaid Work Requirement

Undeterred by past defeats, members of PA’s state senate are again attempting to advance Medicaid work requirement legislation. This time, the proposal to impose a Medicaid work requirement will add new flexibility to such a requirement, offering exemptions for individuals deemed “medically frail” and enabling individuals who do volunteer work, attend college, or who are actively looking for work to continue qualifying for Medicaid benefits. The proposal will be considered by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The legislature has passed two Medicaid work requirement bills in the past but Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed them. Learn more about this latest effort to establish a Medicaid work requirement in Pennsylvania in the PA Post article “Wolf, Republicans resume tug-of-war … Read More

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Millions Eligible for Health Insurance Remain Uninsured

More than 15 million Americans who are currently entitled to free or subsidized health insurance are currently uninsured. Among them are 11 million who are eligible for Medicaid but have not applied for benefits and 4.2 million who could afford insurance with the help of federal premium subsidies and either have decided not to take advantage of those subsidies or are unaware of the availability of such subsidies. In addition, another two million people would be eligible for Medicaid if their states expanded their Medicaid program as authorized by the Affordable Care Act. In light of such figures, it is not entirely surprising that the uninsured rate, according to the census bureau, rose last year for the first time since … Read More

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