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Supreme Court Lifts Public Charge Rule Ban

The U.S. can now reject visa and green card applicants based on their financial prospects after a new Supreme Court ruling this week. This ruling has potential long-term implications for health care providers. Last August a new Department of Homeland Security regulation took effect that authorized the federal government to reject immigrants’ applications for visas and green cards if their financial situation and employment prospects suggested that they might become a “public charge” and dependent on government safety-net programs like Medicaid and food stamps.  A number of groups sued to prevent the rule’s implementation and federal courts imposed an injunction against its enforcement but now the Supreme Court has lifted the last of these injunctions. The Supreme Court’s ruling, however, … Read More

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Medicaid Transportation Program Defies Fixing

Pennsylvania is trying to fix its Medical Assistance Transportation Program – but that is proving harder than proponents of change envisioned. For years, county governments ran their own programs, which provided free non-emergency transportation to doctor offices for Medicaid patients.  About 55,000 Pennsylvanians served by Medicaid use this program. But with a growing trend among states of dividing a state into regions and awarding regional contracts to transportation brokers and amid objections from county governments, the General Assembly directed the state’s departments of Aging, Human Services, and Transportation to look into the matter. And in the report those departments filed with the legislature, they say they do not know what to do. Learn more about the challenges facing the Medical … Read More

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Interview With Seema Verma

In late December, PBS broadcast an interview with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administrator Seema Verma.  Kaiser Health News has published a transcript of excerpts from that interview during which Verma discusses Medicaid – including enrollment, eligibility, services, and children – Medicare for all, administration attempts to reduce health care costs, protection for people with pre-existing conditions, and more.  Read those excerpts in the Kaiser Health News article “One-On-One With Trump’s Medicare And Medicaid Chief: Seema Verma.”

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