PA Says No to Medicaid Block Grants

Pennsylvania is not interested in pursuing the new Medicaid block grants being offered by the administration, leading state officials said last week.

In a news release, Governor Wolf said that

I expanded Medicaid in Pennsylvania to allow for more than 700,000 people to have reliable health care access. Pennsylvania will not go backwards. I will not risk jeopardizing our progress by going along with another short-sighted, insensitive plan to cut Medicaid…

Department of Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller, who oversees the Pennsylvania Medicaid program that serves approximately 2.8 million people, echoed this sentiment:

Changing any part of Medicaid to a block grant structure is the federal government permitting states to grow health inequities experienced by the poorest Americans. This cruel policy will directly target people who have the most opportunity to see their life and circumstances improved by consistent access to necessary health care and will keep people trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Learn more about why Pennsylvania will not pursue a Medicaid block grant in the Wolf administration news release “Pennsylvania Will Not Participate in Trump Administration Scheme to Cut Medicaid.

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