PA Seeks Insurer Bids for Medicaid Expansion

In anticipation of the possibility of receiving approval from the federal government to expand its Medicaid program, the Corbett administration is soliciting bids from insurers interested in serving the state’s Medicaid expansion population.

The market for those insurers:  approximately 600,000 people who would become eligible for Medicaid and free to choose from among eligible insurers.

The Corbett administration has taken a sometimes-controversial approach to Medicaid expansion, seeking to underwrite premiums to private insurers for those newly eligible for Medicaid coverage.  For months the administration has been negotiating the terms of its proposed Healthy Pennsylvania Medicaid expansion plan with the federal government, and the decision to seek bids in anticipation of a possible January 1, 2015 launch of Medicaid expansion is viewed as a sign that those negotiations are going well.

Read about this latest development in Pennsylvania’s bid to expand its Medicaid program through a private market option in this Philadelphia Inquirer article.  Find the state’s request for applications for insurers interested in serving the Medicaid expansion population here.

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