Unanswered Questions About PA Medicaid Expansion

With only 60 days until approximately 600,000 newly eligible Pennsylvanians can begin enrolling in the state’s Medicaid program on December 1, the state still has not clarified some aspects of its Healthy Pennsylvania Medicaid expansion program.

The newly eligible, for example, will be classified into high-risk or low-risk health plans – but the criteria for making those classification decisions remain unknown.

Also unknown is exactly what benefits the newly eligible will be entitled to receive.

In addition, the state is thought to be in negotiations with federal officials about reducing the benefits that the 2.2 million Pennsylvanians already eligible for Medicaid may receive.

For a closer look at these and other issues that remain to be addressed before Pennsylvania expands its Medicaid program on January 1, see this Philadelphia Inquirer article.

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