Some PA Women Could Lose State Medical Benefits

The expiration of a state health program could leave about 90,000 low-income Pennsylvania women without the free family planning and women’s health benefits they currently receive.

A program called SelectPlan for Women offers limited health benefits to low-income women between the ages of 18 and 44 who are otherwise ineligible for Medicaid.  While there has been no formal announcement of the program’s termination, women’s health advocates have informally been told that such a termination is possible at the end of the year.

If the program expires, some of the women it currently covers will be eligible for Medicaid under the state’s Medicaid expansion to take effect on January 1 while others should be eligible for at least some subsidization of insurance premiums on the federal health insurance exchange.

The SelectPlan for Women, however, has no limits on visits, no co-pays, and no premiums.

Learn more about SelectPlan for Women, what it does, and why it may soon disappear in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

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