Governor Proposes FY 2017 Medicaid Budget

On Tuesday, February 9, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf presented his proposed FY 2017 budget to the state legislature.

That budget proposal calls for changes in some current Medicaid spending, including reductions of some supplemental payments and the elimination of others, as well as changes in funding the state’s share of Medicaid and the rate at which the federal government will match Pennsylvania’s own spending on Medicaid in the coming year.

Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania logoIn addition, the budget calls for new and increased spending in selected areas within the purview of the state’s Department of Human Services and Health Department.

SNAP has prepared a detailed memo outlining the potential implications of the proposed FY 2017 budget for safety-net hospitals. The memo also addresses the complications posed by the state’s incomplete FY 2016 budget. Representatives of safety-net hospitals may request a copy of this memo by using the “contact us” link at the top of this screen.

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