SNAP Speaks Out on PA Budget Issues

In a series of three new position papers, the Safety-Net Association has laid out the case for why Pennsylvania needs to fund its Medicaid program adequately in the state’s upcoming 2015 fiscal year.

The first paper, “Pennsylvania Safety-Net Hospitals:  Economic Engines Driving Pennsylvania Communities,” documents the degree to which safety-net hospitals not only provide significant numbers of jobs but also offer higher wages than other hospitals and other Pennsylvania employers.

Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania logoThe second paper, “The Importance of Preserving Uncompensated Care Payments,” notes that Pennsylvania’s safety-net hospitals, just 25 percent of the state’s acute-care hospitals, provide nearly 50 percent of the $1 billion worth of uncompensated care hospitals in the state provide every year.  The state helps underwrite some of those costs through Tobacco Uncompensated Care fund payments – proceeds of the national tobacco settlement of 1998 – but that funding is now in jeopardy.

And the third paper, “The Need for Stable and Predictable Funding Amid Increasing Challenges,” outlines the enormous and at times conflicting pressures that government and others are exerting on hospitals and explains that while safety-net hospitals look forward to these challenges, they need stable and predictable Medicaid funding to help them rise to the occasion.

SNAP issues these papers as lawmakers in Pennsylvania struggle with an FY 2014 revenue shortfall of more than $500 million and an anticipated shortfall of another $880 million in the coming 2015 fiscal year.

See SNAP’s three new position papers here.

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