SNAP Warns of Challenges Ahead

As Pennsylvania lawmakers contemplate the state’s FY 2015 budget, the Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania has issued a new position paper reminding those officials of the challenges the state’s private safety-net hospitals face in the current environment and the need for adequate, stable funding as they tackle those challenges.

Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania logoAmong those challenges are low-income patients with distinct needs, major cuts in federal Medicare payments that especially target safety-net hospitals, and powerful economic forces marshaled by government, insurers, and others that seek to compel hospitals to deliver care in different ways, be paid differently for their efforts, align their incentives differently with other providers, and invest heavily in information technology.

Pennsylvania’s safety-net hospitals are prepared to do all these things, but to achieve such progress, they need financial stability and predictability: they need to know that their Medical Assistance funding will not be at risk as the state experiences various budget challenges.

Read SNAP’s perspective on these issues in its new position paper, “Pennsylvania’s Safety-Net Hospitals: The Need for Stable and Predictable Funding Amid Increasing Challenges,” which can be found here, on SNAP’s web site.

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