340B Program Getting the Job Done

The oft-scrutinized section 340B prescription drug discount program is doing what the program is supposed to do, according to a new analysis published on the Health Affairs Blog.

According to the report,

340B DSHs treat significantly more low-income patients than non-340B hospitals, provide a disproportionate amount of the nation’s uncompensated and unreimbursed care, and are more likely to provide specialized services that are critical to low-income patients but which are often underpaid.

In addition, 340B

…has saved billions in drug costs while providing free or discounted care to millions of patients who might otherwise be unable to get needed care. This is accomplished at no cost to taxpayers.

In addition, the report concludes that 340B-eligible hospitals:

  • care for significantly more low-income patients
  • provide the majority of uncompensated care unreimbursed care
  • are more likely to offer specialized and community services

Learn more about the facts and the data underlying these assertions in the Health Affairs Blog post “The 340B Drug Discount Program Is Fulfilling Its Original Purpose,” which can be found here.


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