PA Drug Monitoring Program Showing Results

Pennsylvanians are having a harder time inappropriately obtaining prescriptions for opioids and other dangerous prescription drugs because of continued implementation of the state’s prescription drug monitoring program.

Under the program, introduced last year, anyone who can prescribe Schedule II-V class drugs must query a state database before doing so and report any prescriptions they write by the end of the next business day.

The idea is to prevent people from going from doctor and doctor and pharmacy to pharmacy seeking prescriptions for dangerous drugs, and it appears to be working.  The state’s Department of Health reports that the number of people who visited five or more doctors to obtain prosecutions for drugs covered by the program fell 86 percent in a year and the practice of visiting ten or more doctors in search of such drugs disappeared entirely.

Learn more about Pennsylvania’s prescription drug monitoring program, how it works, and whether it is working in this Erie Times-News article.

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